'True Innovations and Really Ballsy Stuff Happen in the Indie World'

Interior Night's Caroline Marchal dissects the differences between triple-A and indie and explains how devs can learn from the 'best writing,' which she believes is on TV nowadays. 

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Are devs suffering from triple-A fatigue?

There’s a rise in new studios set up by industry veterans and former triple-A developers. We investigate why top talent is jumping ship for a life as indies

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Caroline Marchal to talk at Develop Conference 2018

Do you want players to care deeply about your story? Then you need great characters that grow and change like Walter White or Daenerys Targaryen. Your story can only ever be as strong as your protagonist is memorable.


Diversity and passion fuel Interior Night's plans to break new ground in game stories

It feels as though there has been a recent increase in new studios being formed in the UK. One recent new addition is Interior Night, set up by ex-Quantic Dream lead designer Caroline Marchal. Since the company was founded in late 2017, it has already seen an influx of new senior hires and announced a publishing partnership with Sega. 


Sega teams up with INTERIOR NIGHT to publish "narrative-driven" game

Sega has announced that it will publish the first project from Interior Night, a new studio founded by ex-Quantic Dream lead designer, Caroline Marchal.


"I like endings where everyone dies" - the dark new studio from ex Quantic Dream devs

Earlier this year, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls lead game designer Caroline Marchal decided to branch off on her own. In another life, she could have stayed at Quantic Dream and now been working on Detroit: Become Human. In another she could still be at Sony


"Smaller studios will define the future of video game storytelling"

Last month, ex-Quantic Dream lead Caroline Marchal opened Interior Night, a new studio in London working on "innovative and accessible narrative games" for "people who love shows like Breaking Bad or Fargo but who do not necessarily game". 


Interior Night staffs up with three senior hires

Experienced narrative designers coaxed to new London studio

Caroline Marchal, founder of new London-based developer Interior Night, has hired three senior staff members to join her on her quest to produce rich narrative games and experiences. These new friends all have Sony flavoured backgrounds, as Marchal does herself, having worked on the likes of Heavy RainSingStar and Wonderbook.


Ex-Quantic Dream dev opens new narrative studio in London

Caroline Marchal tells how Interior Night will bring the Breaking Bad audience into video games